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LOST IN THE MIDDLE: a journey through changes to people's own native language

Age suitable for: All ages

Date and Time (UK time):
10/11/2023 18:00-19:30
Accessibility alert:
  • Hearing loop available

Learning and using a new language is part of the experience of many people who move to a new country/region as adults-but how does this affect their own native language? In this event we describe and explore a phenomenon known as 'native language attrition', focusing on how long-term migration between and within countries affects people's native language knowledge and use. These changes can have noticeable effects on people's identity and their sense of themselves.

In this event, the phenomenon of 'attrition' will be presented by a group of academic experts followed by the first viewing of 'Lost in the Middle; 'a short film by documentary filmmaker Asten Holmes-Elliott in which a group of bilingual/bidialectal speakers from the area reflect on their own bilingual/bidialectal journey.

The event will close with an interactive Q&A with members of the research team.