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CANCELLED - How to Build a Mind: The Philosophy of Mental Architecture | Workshop

Avenue Campus

Building: B65

Room: Level 2, Rm 2117

Date and Time (UK time):
18/11/2023 11:00-11:45
18/11/2023 13:00-13:45
18/11/2023 12:00-12:45
Age suitable for: 7+


Will it ever be possible to build a mind just like yours? Work in AI and machine learning has fostered the hope that it will, perhaps even soon, but the hope remains unrealized. In this event, we will tackle the challenge together, working from first principles. Such first principles are part of the philosophy of mental architecture, which is both a humanistic discipline and an engineering discipline. The event will be a fun, activity-based introduction to this area of study, suitable for all ages (but especially 7+).

The event will have three parts. First, you'll write your own recipe for making a mind: what do you think minds are made of, and what materials do you think you'd need to make one? This activity will involve brainstorming, discussion, and writing. Second, you'll use your recipe to design a blueprint for a mind: you will try to put together your ingredients in a visualizable form, either creating a 2D blueprint (e.g., by drawing) or a 3D one (e.g., with Legos). Finally, you'll compare notes with great minds, in a guided tour (presentation + discussion) of recipes and templates both from historical and recent philosophers, and from scientists developing AI at Southampton.