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#SotonAstroArt Workshop

The #SotonAstroArt in person workshops are back! Make you own astronomy research inspired art, with 'scientifically accurate' stars while you can have a chat with the scientists ...Read More

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Archaeology in Southampton: Results and Finds from a Summer of Fieldwork

In the summer of 2021, our Year 1 and Year 2 students at the Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton, conducted archaeological fieldwork at a number of sites in Southa ...Read More

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Chinese Calligraphy - Hands-on brush writing

Chinese Calligraphy has been appreciated more for its aesthetic quality over the years. It is also regarded as one of the arts in the countries where it is practised. Chinese c ...Read More

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Creative AI in the robot zoo

AI and robots are set to play an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. Will they be human-like in appearance or intelligence, or quite different from us - more like to ...Read More

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Draw Your Breath: meditation+art activity

Join Dr Gil Dekel in a short guided meditation, focusing on our breathing, and then continue the meditation by putting pen to paper and drawing your breath... We will not just ...Read More

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Hands-on Optics Workshop

Join us for a variety of hands on, optics based workshops. These include building a spectroscope, learning how the internet works and creating your very own hologram! There ...Read More


Lego Mosaic

Come and help make an approximate LEGO replica of the Roman mosaic floor from Sparsholt Roman villa (located just outside Winchester)! ...Read More

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Moving Music

Try your hand at being a conductor with this interactive exhibit where you control the music! Find out more about how conductors communicate with musicians, what different cond ...Read More

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Old Sarum and its Environs: Landscape Archaeology and Geophysical Survey

Old Sarum is a nationally significant monument to the north of Salisbury, comprising human settlement from the Neolithic to the 20th century, including an Iron Age hillfort, eviden ...Read More

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Paper Cutting - reducing stress

Paper Cutting is a very distinctive visual art of Chinese handicrafts. Its history may date back to the 6th century. From the 7th to 13th century, paper cutting became popular ...Read More

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Paper Lantern Making

Beautiful lanterns are seen during Chinese festivals. Historians believe that the Chinese first began making the now traditional lanterns during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 ...Read More

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People, Poetry, and Nature

You've surely come across descriptions of nature when reading books, poems and looking at art. Nature has inspired artists of all kinds through the ages. Much of what they knew abo ...Read More

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Posters for Change

Interested in doing arts and crafts for activism? This workshop hosted by the Student Actions for Refugees society here at Southampton gives everyone to chance to create poster ...Read More

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Roman Military Materials

Explore Roman military might! What would the Romans have needed for their military exploits? Explore the potential of Roman replicas of a ballista (bolt-thrower), gladius ( ...Read More

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Self, mental health, and social space: recovering after months at home

Our sense of self depends on socially constructed environments, objects, and patterns of activity. The pandemic disrupted our patterns, expelling us from our familiar environments ...Read More

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Stories of Home

Stories of Home shares voices and stories of belonging in Southampton. Watch, listen to and experience the stories of young people from Southampton through an immersive and int ...Read More

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Stories of Spaces and Places

Stories of Spaces and Places is a citizen science project in collaboration with the Council for British Archaeology examining the role of special places and their role in wellbeing ...Read More

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Telephonic Youth: Mapping Southampton's Phone Spaces

Staying in touch has never been more important, but the technologies we use to talk to one another have often been taken for granted. The Telephonic Youth team is recovering the un ...Read More

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The bone crayon: exploring a unique reflective educational experience

Improving the understanding of bones structure and function, could increase uptake of health advice around the influence of diet and exercise on bone health. Internally bone has a ...Read More

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What will drone highways look and sound like?

Drones are now being used in a variety of different areas from estate agents taking aerial photos of houses, to farmers seeing which areas of their fields need fertilising, to medi ...Read More

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Writing for Recovery - Responding to Loss and Grief

How do we, as humans, respond to creatively to universal, yet intensely personal, experiences of loss and grief? Using poems by Louise Gluck and Mary Oliver as a gentle and eff ...Read More

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Young Writers - Reworlding and Rewilding

The future, for many of us, is a wild and scary space. We don't know what will happen, what state the world will be in, or what we'll be able to do. No matter what's coming, we nee ...Read More

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